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Rúnaráð means magic charm or spell. 

Faroese history is full of superstitions, and belief in super-natural creatures and magic. Before electricity came, people would see and hear all kinds of mysterious things in the dark or in the fog, and they would make up stories to tell at social gatherings for entertainment. It was believed that if you put a garment on inside out, you were safe from magic and spells. Sailormen often put a sock or a mitten on the wrong way when they went out to sea for safety.

The Rúnaráð jumper's knitting pattern is actually inside out, and so, it should keep you safe. And warm. 


This jumper is handknitted in the Faroe Islands.

 Model is wearing a size small.


White: 100% faroese wool

Orange: 100% peruvian wool

Handwash, flat dry


Made to order

4 weeks delivery


Keep in mind that this item is handknitted and can therefore slightly vary in size and appearance.